MagnaGard Gastric Support Supplement for Horses
MagnaGard Gastric Support Supplement for Horses
MagnaGard Gastric Support Supplement for Horses
MagnaGard Gastric Support Supplement for Horses
MagnaGard Gastric Support Supplement for Horses
MagnaGard Gastric Support Supplement for Horses
MagnaGard Gastric Support Supplement for Horses

MagnaGard Gastric Support Supplement for Horses

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Ulcers are formed by excess acid buildup in the stomach. MagnaGard protects the stomach, acting as a buffer and allows ulcers to heal naturally. Which means your horse can get back to feeling good again.

Why try MagnaGard?

  • Your horse is cinchy, sensitive to the touch, or otherwise showing symptoms of ulcers
  • Your horse colics on a regular basis
  • Your horse has loose stool or diarrhea
  • You want a natural gut supplement that helps prevent these kinds of problems

MagnaGard provides prevention and relief!


“The high incidence of ulcers in racing and recently retired off track thoroughbreds and the effectiveness of MagnaGard in treating them makes it a good match. It's certainly helped my three OTTB's!” -Sandy

"I have nine horses on this product. I have noticed a significant change in their hair coat, and attitude while training. They are calmer, and are getting more out of their food. The greatest change is that in one month their ulcers are healing." -Nichole (5-star Amazon review)

"My mare is prone to ulcers and I have found this product to help keep her tummy happy. I love knowing she’s getting all the extra minerals 
in her diet. She holding on to weight great." -Allie

Signs your horse might have ulcers

  • Cinchy/girthy
  • Change in attitude
  • Dull coat
  • Cribbing
  • Loss of appetite / hard keeper

MagnaGard stops ulcers in their tracks and keeps your horse’s gut healthy and happy.

MagnaGard is an excellent source of magnesium and other important trace minerals. Magnesium is a natural calmer and helps reduce stress in horses.

Suggested use

Feed 2 scoops daily (2 oz) in either AM or PM feed. May also be fed 4 hours before event as a calming support and gastric buffer.

Each pouch is a 1 month supply of MagnaGard.

Tips for picky eaters:

If your horse won’t eat MagnaGard, try mixing it in the feed with a good amount of water. You can also try adding some flavor (apple sauce or aloe vera juice usually work well).

100% Money-Back Guarantee - If you aren't satisfied for any reason, contact us for a full refund.

Ingredients and Mineral Analysis

Ingredients: Montmorillonite clay (bentonite), Magnesium Sulfate, Calcium Carbonate 

Amount per serving

Calcium: 2,520 mg
Salt: 1,400 mg
Magnesium: 728 mg
Potassium: 448 mg
Phosphorus: 220 mg
Copper: 2 mg
Iron: 218 mg
Sulphur: 112 mg
Carbon: 1,176 mg
Manganese: 28 mg

MagnaGard is a great source of electrolytes (from the bentonite). That combined with a good salt lick or loose mineral salt will cover you in that area.

MagnaGard is a great ulcer preventer. It has a high pH (around 9.0) so it’s very alkaline and buffers acid, allowing ulcers to heal. 

MagnaGard is also a great source of magnesium, which is a natural calmer. We get a lot of feedback from customers about how MagnaGard has completely changed high-strung horses.

Customer Reviews

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Carrie Griffin

MagnaGard Gastric Support Supplement for Horses

A great source of mangesium?

For the average 1100 lb horse, the minimum requirement for magnesium 7.5 grams/day (7,500 milligrams). This product provides 0.728 grams per dose. A day's worth of forage can provide 10 - 30 grams. In fact, the only mineral in this product in any negligible amount is iron, at 218 milligrams/dose, providing half the minimum daily requirement (400 mg/day). Iron is the one mineral not lacking in the equine diet. All of this is explained by the ingredient - clay - aka, dirt. Iron is the most abundant mineral in dirt. $30 for dirt.

Avery Wiersema

There is a clear difference in my barrel horses after starting them on MagnaGard. They are more relaxed and focused than ever before, and I can have peace of mind knowing I am doing my job as a horse owner to keep ulcers away. They seem to like the taste of it and they eat it right up with no hesitation when I sprinkle it into their feed. I love this stuff and I'm so glad I gave it a try because I am never letting my horses go without it again!

Regina Roberts
Much less anxious horse.

I started with a small bag of Magnagard and then had such good results I bought the bigger bucket this last time. I have a Hancock/Blue Valentine bread QH named Gus. He is a naturally anxious horse with a huge work ethic. He is also a picky eater. I added Magna Gard to his food and slowly I started to find he was much more comfortable, less anxious, and he started licking his bowl clean at every meal. I would say it took about 2 weeks for a noticeable difference on the supplement. I’m very pleased with it and I am going to keep him on it.

Sherri Jamison
Magna gard

I feel my horses are benefiting from this supplement