How MagnaGard helps horses that are prone to ulcers

How MagnaGard helps horses that are prone to ulcers

If you compete in barrel racing, dressage, or another competitive event with your horse, there's a good chance your horse will develop ulcers at some point. In fact, studies have shown up to 60% of competitive horses have gastric ulcers.

MagnaGard and MagnaGard Plus are two products that can prevent ulcers and provide relief and healing for horses that already have them.

How does MagnaGard help my horse?

MagnaGard helps make the gut more alkaline, providing a buffer from excessive acid buildup that causes ulcers. It also has toxin-binding properties, with negatively charged ions binding to positively charge toxins and removing them from the system. These two properties make MagnaGard a great daily digestive supplement, helping promote overall gut health.

Gastric discomfort is a common cause of poor behavior in horses. If your horse is high strung and grumpy, there's a chance she could be having stomach issues. MagnaGard helps relieve those issues and get your horse back to normal.

Vital trace minerals

MagnaGard contains about 50 important trace minerals, providing vital building blocks your horse may not be getting enough of, including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, and copper. These minerals help your horse feel and perform her best.

Where can I buy MagnaGard?

MagnaGard is available on or here on our website. 

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