MagnaGard Gastric Support Reviews

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It simply works.

We used this product for the first time with a horse that needed a pick me up. It was 90+ degrees outside and humid. Our horse enjoyed the powder with his grain in the trailer and then drank anytime I offered water and performed with a personal best. As the title says. “It simply works”.

Great Supplement & Great Customer Service

I have used this supplement for over a year now. My guy is an easy keep that has had some gut issues. With this supplement I find him to be happy and cleans it right up! I truly believe it helps him during any times of stress or when we travel! I also use the travel paste and love it for him! And the customer service is fantastic-always quick to reply and handle all my needs or concerns!

MagnaGard PLUS - Omega 3s
Sophia Fitzwater
This products works quick!

We had a horse bad with ulcers. If you looked at him wrong he would get ulcers to the point that he couldn’t be ridden. Tried this by chance and saw a difference within days. Hope to get him riding soon!

This product covers all of the bases

We use the pre performance paste for long trailer rides and long stays in unfamiliar stalls at 3-4 day shows. This keeps my horses eating and drinking. As we know keeping their tummy happy helps them focus on running and not stress from a long week of work. Relate to your horse. Try this product!

Much less anxious horse.

I started with a small bag of Magnagard and then had such good results I bought the bigger bucket this last time. I have a Hancock/Blue Valentine bread QH named Gus. He is a naturally anxious horse with a huge work ethic. He is also a picky eater. I added Magna Gard to his food and slowly I started to find he was much more comfortable, less anxious, and he started licking his bowl clean at every meal. I would say it took about 2 weeks for a noticeable difference on the supplement. I’m very pleased with it and I am going to keep him on it.

MagnaGard Pellets - 10 lb Bucket
Eliza Nicholas-Koenig
Love the pellets!

All the horses eat it!!!

Magna gard

I feel my horses are benefiting from this supplement


Have all my horses on this, it is amazing. Was able to take my horse that was on constant ulcer meds completely off then!

excellent for my horses

Every horse owner should try one of these products. Great for my OTTB's. My 5 year old and 21 year old geldings do great on these products.

Exactly what was advertised!

Obviously I was drawn to try this product by the very catchy marketing! My horse gets nervous poops prior and during travel, didn’t drink a lot of water and went from his nickname Mr Perfect to a monster. This paste REALLY HELPED. He was so well behaved and his gut was soothed. I’ve tried perfect prep, perfect prep extreme and nothing worked until this.

Great stuff

I have used this many times for horses who tend to get stressed traveling and with a big Florida trip coming up wanted to have it on hand for all of them going!

MagnaGard 20 lbs bucket
Erin Scamander

MagnaGard 20 lbs bucket

MagnaGard 20 lbs bucket
Cynthia French

They didn’t care for it at first so i added a little applesauce to it.

Wonderful Product

Love the product and results! Shipping materials and how the box arrives is not so wonderful-multiple orders. I would think someone could do better.

great stuff!

goes down easily - horse is happy to take it — a big. plus!

MagnaLyte 20 lbs bucket
excellent for my horses

With triple digit temperatures for the past 2 weeks I have made sure that my 3 geldings are getting plenty of electrolytes. This product and the Magnagard are awesome. I have told all my horse friends and they will be ordering as well.
Great customer service and fast shipping.

Mineral Salt Lick on a Rope for Horses
Brant F.
Redmond Equine copycat

I’ve been buying from Redmond for years and I know all about the salt mines down there. Not sure if Redmond owns this company. If not, this is blatant copy and they should be ashamed of themselves.


Found it aided in focus from my mare and she kept her appetite at the show. I did have to adjust how much I gave as a whole tube was to much. When I administered ½ a tube it was perfect

Awesome stuff

Works like a charm. And tasty too
Highly recommend pre-performance, trailer, any time you want to make sure they’re comfy

Helped my Stallion

During breeding season it is very stressful and Magna Gard Plus helped my horse through breeding season and will remain on it year round!

Magnagard works

I received my order with incredible speed. Product was very helpful and have to adjust amount thru out the weekend cause my small mare was to quiet.

MagnaGard Pre-Performance Calming Paste

Horse with Ulcer

I purchased this product after a recommendation from a friend.
My Mare developed an ulcer and I was treating her with Ulcergard as recommended from my veterinarian. When I added this to her grain she licked and licked the tup clean. Seemed to me she knew she needed this supplement to help her feel better. For preventative I also added it to my gelding’s grain. He wouldn’t touch it. Left it all in the tub. I believe animals know what there bodies need and will seek it out.
My mare is doing great. She’s finished with the Ulcergard but continues to love the magnagard.
She is back to her old self.
I definitely would recommend this product.

Ulcer Free for a Year on Magnagard

My horse underwent ulcer treatment and immediately following I started him on Magnagard. One year later his ulcer symptoms have stayed away! While this product may not cure ulcers I do believe it is a great preventative!

Best ever!

I have a terribly anxious mare when traveling, competing, or just getting her feet done! Magna guard powder and paste has quieted her down so she can think rationally! 1/2 tube allows her, ever patient farrier, to do her feet without problems! I have several of my horses that compete on the powder, to aid in their digestion! Happy guts, happy horses!!