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It’s was recommended to me. Because my Barn owner had good luck with higher energy horses and show horses. I feel that my horse is doing better. But time will tell after I get him scoped at a later date. Figured I would give it 60 days. And have my horse checked for ulcers.

Highly recommend

My mare was dealing with some chronic diarrhea annd bloating. I’ve tried almost everything from probios to other gut supplementations but nothing helped in the slightest. I decided to try this product and it’s working wonders. I saw immediate results not only in her stool but in her mood and reduced bloating. It is definitely worth trying out.

its great!

Really helps my ottb!!!


My mare was scoped and diagnosed with a significant case of gastric ulcers 3 years ago. She was treated with ulcer guard and then Outlast. This winter she became cinching and not herself pinning her ears and wringing her tail when I rode her. She has been on MagnaGard for about a month now. I am so happy to report that her irritability is now gone. No longer pinning her ears and threatening to bite when I tack her up. I have my happy mare back!!

We love it so far!

Fast Shipping! Great Customer Services!

Started my 13 yr old ulcer prone OTTB on this the day it was received, she seems so much calmer and after 3 weeks on this I am able to touch her girth area without reactions from her! and she is interested in having human interaction again!


It's made a huge difference in our ottb. He was super cinchy and hated being brushed now he's so much better!

Happier gut

I stopped using this a while back and my OTTB got pretty edgy the last few months. I've recently added it back into his diet hoping it would help and he does seem much more at ease so far.

MagnaGard 20 lbs bucket

Great affordable equine ulcer product

I use the powdered form of MagnaGard plus with a little water or oil on alfalfa pellets for a horse that is ulcer prone. She has gone thru the vet recommended protocol and this product has helped her maintain her gut health. Thank you! PS the only problem I had was the broke and the tub was in bad shape by the time I got it…it was salvageable though.

MagnaGard Gastric Support Supplement for Horses

Great product

Have used for a few years now different horse through that time. Great results and have friends loving the paste they use that at all travels and races. Thank you

Great product

A great source of mangesium?

For the average 1100 lb horse, the minimum requirement for magnesium 7.5 grams/day (7,500 milligrams). This product provides 0.728 grams per dose. A day's worth of forage can provide 10 - 30 grams. In fact, the only mineral in this product in any negligible amount is iron, at 218 milligrams/dose, providing half the minimum daily requirement (400 mg/day). Iron is the one mineral not lacking in the equine diet. All of this is explained by the ingredient - clay - aka, dirt. Iron is the most abundant mineral in dirt. $30 for dirt.

I love it!

I have been using this on my sore elbow and it is amazing! Now both my horse and I feel better.

Hurray for pellets

Pellets are so much easier to mix with my horses feed.


There is a clear difference in my barrel horses after starting them on MagnaGard. They are more relaxed and focused than ever before, and I can have peace of mind knowing I am doing my job as a horse owner to keep ulcers away. They seem to like the taste of it and they eat it right up with no hesitation when I sprinkle it into their feed. I love this stuff and I'm so glad I gave it a try because I am never letting my horses go without it again!

Love the Magnagard Calming Paste

This is the most amazing product. I use the calming paste on my mare and she loves it and so do I. She’s focused and ready to do her job at the barrel races. We don’t leave home without it!!

MagnaGard Pellets

Laz is a rescued OTTB and has digestive issues, cribs and is anxious. These pellets are helping him with all of these. So grateful to have found a product that is easy to administer daily. Definitely will recommend this to others.

MagnaGard PLUS - Omega 3s
Brenda Garrison

Horses seems happier and calmer

Love it!

Love this product for my OTTB! I use it before stressful events to take the edge off. I also use it in the winter when it gets too cold and in the summer when it's too hot and my horse doesn't drink, as well as when his poop comes out to dry. Love this product and try to have one in stock!

Best Ulcer Supplement I have found

I began using MagnaGard Plus about 90 days ago. This is the 5th Ulcer supplement I have tried in a two-year period and the ONLY one I can say truly has helped my mare. Not only has she not shown any further signs of gastric ulcers the unexpected and truly great bonus is what a calming effect it has had on her. Her Chiropractor had last worked on her just before I started MagnaGard and worked on her this week and made a comment on how grounded she now seems. I am so pleased and would highly recommend that anyone searching for a way to support a horse with ulcers should most definitely try this product. Many thanks, Eagle Equine!

Love this product

3 horses on it an make a great difference in behavior and ulcer prevention

MagnaGard Pellets - 10 lb Bucket

Great product for reducing stomach and hindgut acid

As the owner and manager of 2 horse-based businesses, I own 28 horses from foals to 28 years old. I need a product that is affordable, palatable, and easy to feed! MagnaGard+ has helped my horses and my budget, I highly recommend this product.

Love the product

Have referred many people to it