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great product

MagnaGard 20 lbs bucket
Elizabeth Siadous
My horses are happy

This is my 2-3 time ordering this product for all of my client and sale horses. I've been able to reduce the amount of smart Paks and ulcer guard tubes they receive when traveling for shows. It's affordable and the horses have no pebbles consuming the powder or pellets.

great stuff !

great company, and great product. Keep it with me always


My horse is often ulcery especially when going to shows. I have found that when he is on the MagnaGuard he is much more comfortable and does not act ulcery. I am planning to give it to my other horse also.

MagnaGard 20 lbs bucket
Avery Wiersema
Barrel horse is as cool as a cucumber

My barrel horse walks into the arena or down the alley flat footed and quiet every time. Then he makes a run that brings us to the pay window! I know MagnaGard is doing its job of keeping my horse ulcer-free. He gets two scoops a day and he eats it right up with his grain. Easy, affordable, and it WORKS

MagnaGard Gastric Support Supplement for Horses


I've used MagnaGard supplement for a couple yrs on my mare. I'd stopped for a while when I'd been using 2 other supplements for arthritis and joint issues. She had gotten stiffer so one day I gave her one of the tubes. I was surprised that she suddenly moved a little more freely so I began using the product daily again, along with other supplements. They can't tell u if it's helping but I'm continuing it to see what happens.

MagnaGard Mega Bundle
Elizabeth Siadous
Best products and bang for your buck!!

Every horse in my barn is on some sort of Magna Gard product - we couldn't be more appreciative of these bundle options!

Awesome product!

Have a very nervous horse and am hoping this product will do the trick. Will know more in 10 days.

Great product

It help my horses so much get ready to order more.

Love it

Both horses feel and look great.

Great Product, Love the Pellets

I had a lot of trouble getting my mare to eat the powdered form but the pellets are amazing. She has been taking this supplement for about 3 years and is doing great.

It works!!

This paste seriously works! Better than perfect prep, smells better, they don't spit it back out at you and the effect seems better on their body

LOVE these products!!

I tried these products while in search of new gut and calming support for my show horses, the owner got back to me right away with answers to all of my questions. I tried the pellets for 30 days on 2 horses and they are just as happy if not happier than when on Ulcer Guard or other support brands. The calming pastes work incredibly well at the shows!!


Daisy has been doing so much better. We haven't had any signs of colic and she seems to be happier.

MagnaGard PLUS - Omega 3s
Laurie Ann Defries
trying it on my OTTB

so far I have seen a little improvement, maybe I will notice more when he is on it for another month.

Picky mare approved!

I waited until we went through a full bag before writing this review and I can say that I had a 20lb pail delivered yesterday. This stuff works! I have an incredibly picky mare that will truly starve herself before she’ll eat feed with a supplement she doesn’t like and SHE EATS THIS ONE. She is your typically sorrel tb mare with more issues than I care to write about but; she was having issues with too much acid building up in her hind gut which resulted in being horribly off feed and very uncomfortable picking up a right lead (among other issues). I switched her to a low starch feed and put her on this supplement and now she licks her feed tub clean and is so much more relaxed on the right lead. For the price you truly can’t beat it and I can’t wait to see even more improvement the longer she’s on it!


It’s was recommended to me. Because my Barn owner had good luck with higher energy horses and show horses. I feel that my horse is doing better. But time will tell after I get him scoped at a later date. Figured I would give it 60 days. And have my horse checked for ulcers.

Highly recommend

My mare was dealing with some chronic diarrhea annd bloating. I’ve tried almost everything from probios to other gut supplementations but nothing helped in the slightest. I decided to try this product and it’s working wonders. I saw immediate results not only in her stool but in her mood and reduced bloating. It is definitely worth trying out.

its great!

Really helps my ottb!!!


My mare was scoped and diagnosed with a significant case of gastric ulcers 3 years ago. She was treated with ulcer guard and then Outlast. This winter she became cinching and not herself pinning her ears and wringing her tail when I rode her. She has been on MagnaGard for about a month now. I am so happy to report that her irritability is now gone. No longer pinning her ears and threatening to bite when I tack her up. I have my happy mare back!!

We love it so far!

Fast Shipping! Great Customer Services!

Started my 13 yr old ulcer prone OTTB on this the day it was received, she seems so much calmer and after 3 weeks on this I am able to touch her girth area without reactions from her! and she is interested in having human interaction again!


It's made a huge difference in our ottb. He was super cinchy and hated being brushed now he's so much better!

Happier gut

I stopped using this a while back and my OTTB got pretty edgy the last few months. I've recently added it back into his diet hoping it would help and he does seem much more at ease so far.

MagnaGard 20 lbs bucket