MagnaGard Gastric Support Reviews

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MagnaGard Ultra Fine
Patty Moreno
Too heavy, not palatable

Love the product. Wish he would eat it. It's still too heavy & sinks to the bottom. Horse hates the taste. Will not eat it. End up throwing it away. Sorry.

Calms the Dragon

My mare Is used to being worked six days a week and suddenly needed some rehab which entails hand walking and then walking while riding 30 minutes. I was wondering how she was going to tolerate this. She also has ulcers which has been treated but wanted to keep those at bay. I’ve never seen her happier and more calm. She’s not dull but just happy and could probably do pony rides. Love this product Magnagard!!

Not sure if it's worth the money

Tried on 2 horses with ulcer like symptoms. After 1 month of 2 scoops twice a day and didn't notice any change in behavior or disposition.

MagnaGard PLUS & Paste Bundle

Magnagard is a lifesaver

My spicy mare is to be handwalked only for a month and is actually quite calm. She also has been under treatment for ulcers and I see a remarkable diffrence. She looks happy and relaxed. AND, she loves the powder with a little rice bran and she’s the world’s pickiest supplement eater. Going to keep her on Magnagard forever.

MagnaGard PLUS & Paste Bundle

Fantastic Product for Calming

I give my anxious mare a tube of magnagard before trailering. It has made a tremendous difference in her ability to load to and from off-farm events, and it doesn’t make her drowsy. Highly recommended!

The best

Iv tried a lot of pre performance calming paste, this one is hands down the best, he is calm, doesn’t get a sour runny poop tummy, he’s ready to focus on the job coming into the arena and is firing on all cylinders, this has been an absolute game changer for my barrel horse, I won’t run him without it! I give a full tube before leaving the farm headed to races or rodeos

MagnaGard & Paste Bundle
Jennifer Cunningham

It has made a huge difference in my horse. She is much calmer and happier.


We recently moved our gelding from Texas to Nebraska and noticed he developed some running poop along with nervousness. Figured it was the move and all but it didn’t go away. Started him on Magnagard, 1 scoop per day, and three weeks later his “bum” is clean as is his tail (palomino)! He seems more comfortable in his own too. Thanks Magnagard!

excellent for my horses

I give this to my horses year round so that my guys stay hydrated. I mix it in their feed. Love these products!

My horses are obsessed

This is the best salt I've used. My horses love it tied in the fence and play with it when they aren't licking it. It's the only salt I see my horses really enjoying. Much more than a regular salt block


We have been using this for about a year and it's actually a product we see work on all our working horses

Great product !!

Love this product !! Put three horses & pony on it about 3 or so months ago . My horses are def calmer , just recently noticed inspite of fuzzy winter coat they shine ! But most amazing of all —my 21 yr old hard core cribber since about a yr old , now instead of almost constant cribbing ( he is in pasture with wood fencing & come and go barn ) is cribbing so much less& so much less nervous . I actually see him calmly relaxing , standing in pasture -before he would be out eating or standing cribbing . My paint is so much calmer when I ride him away from the others too

Great Product

Our mare looks and acts more comfortable after exercise. She was consistently kicking at her belly after working. I’m pleased with the results. She’s much happier now.

MagnaGard 20 lbs bucket
Samantha/Brett FitzSimon
Best Supplement Ever

Have 6 horses on Magna Guard. Two of them have ulcer issues and they have both cleared up and I won’t go without it!

MagnaGard Plus 20 lbs bucket

Excellent product and service.

Great product!

The MagnaGard PLUS has my TB thriving. His coat looks shinier & his weight going into winter looks good. He has typical OTTB tendencies and I swear MagnaGard keeps his tummy cool calm and relaxed.

MagnaGard Plus & Paste

Been using on my 2 horses warmblood and pre seems to work well,
like the paste seems to keep them calm.

Good products

These products keep my horses nice and calm. They help two of my mares from getting ulcers. I recommend these products

Love love love

My mare absolutely loved this salt lick! I love how affordable it is, and the shipping was super fast! Will be ordering more

MagnaGard PLUS - Omega 3s

MagnaGard 20 lbs bucket
Claudia A Grimes
Magna gard is great

I have used this product for 9 months now and my horse went from cribbing and girthy to being an angel It works great and pickt eaters eat it!!!

Great products!

I love this stuff! My one older horse has been on ulcer meds for years. Now this is all he needs. I love it.