MagnaGard Gastric Support Reviews

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Horse with Ulcer

I purchased this product after a recommendation from a friend.
My Mare developed an ulcer and I was treating her with Ulcergard as recommended from my veterinarian. When I added this to her grain she licked and licked the tup clean. Seemed to me she knew she needed this supplement to help her feel better. For preventative I also added it to my gelding’s grain. He wouldn’t touch it. Left it all in the tub. I believe animals know what there bodies need and will seek it out.
My mare is doing great. She’s finished with the Ulcergard but continues to love the magnagard.
She is back to her old self.
I definitely would recommend this product.

Ulcer Free for a Year on Magnagard

My horse underwent ulcer treatment and immediately following I started him on Magnagard. One year later his ulcer symptoms have stayed away! While this product may not cure ulcers I do believe it is a great preventative!

Best ever!

I have a terribly anxious mare when traveling, competing, or just getting her feet done! Magna guard powder and paste has quieted her down so she can think rationally! 1/2 tube allows her, ever patient farrier, to do her feet without problems! I have several of my horses that compete on the powder, to aid in their digestion! Happy guts, happy horses!!

Breeding Farm Magnaguard Plus

All I can say is Wow! Breeding season is stressful for all and I was desperate! So, I put this product to test on the whole herd of Stallions, broodmares, young stock in training, and performance horses and with in a week I could really see the difference!

MagnaGard PLUS - Omega 3s

Helps my gelding when traveling

Less messy manure when we haul and ride off property; I feel more confident that he is not getting dehydrated while we are out enjoying group rides.


Best product we have used in a long time. We don’t concern ourselves that our horse may be getting upset due to stomach acid/ulcers. We know he is protected.

The best!!

Works fast!!! My horses love the taste too. I do not leave for a show without it !!!

MagnaGard PLUS - Omega 3s
Melissa Dickerson
not for ever horse

my horse did not do well on this product. it caused lose stool

Fantastic Product

Love this product!! I use the magna guard plus daily for my 14 year old eventer! It keeps his gut healthy and happy! I also never travel without the magna guard paste! Keeps him calm and his tummy happy! I have traveled with abs without the paste and I can tell a difference!

MagnaGard PLUS & Paste Bundle
Margaret Masterman

I love this product, my horse no longer climbs the walls in the trailer. He has a nice calm ride.

To soon to give feedback

Give me a few more months. Im just entering our show/competition season. If i get no gastric ulcers I will let you know.

MagnaGard Plus Mega Bundle
Amanda/Gracie-Beth Sutton
MagnaGard Plus

I have been using MagnaGard Plus daily, on all of my performance/rodeo/cutting horses, for about a year now. I travel a lot to compete and depend on the paste to keep their gut happy and hydrated! A must have in my daily feeding program! ~Gracie-Beth Sutton

Works great

Definitely took the edge off my young OTTB for a trail ride.

Did not have any effect

I have an anxious horse and decided I would try the MagnaGard Calming paste during a training session at the barn where I board and ride him. I gave him the entire tube in the morning and rode him about three hours later. It did not have any effect on him whatsoever. He was still as distracted and antsy as he always is.

Almost an immediate change

I wasn't expecting to see any change for at least a few weeks or more but 2 days in my horse was already less spooky and difficult to ride. Now about 2 months of use and his biting has significantly decreased and his sweet personality has definitely come out. He is often skeptical of eating powdered supplements but his feed dish is always completely cleaned so I know he's getting the full amount. Happy to have found an affordable solution.

MagnaGard Mega Bundle
Patti Anstett

Since my mare on magna guard she's calmer and no signs of ulcer issues anymore

Difficult to feed picky eater.

It works great for a horse that will eat anything. But for a picky eater its a challange. The horse I have is just that "Picky". I am mixing it with Aloe Juice and putting it in his mouth. he doesn't mind it, but when I put in on his feed with aloe juice its still there, everyday!
I love the product and am thinking about purchasing the tubes also.

stress free during weather changes

so far I have not had any stomach related issues while we have had up and down temperatures where I would have been terrified one of my guys would colic. I give them a dose of this every day and no problems. Love this and told all my friends about it and they have ordered it too.

This stuff works!

This really works. I just wish it came in a pelleted form. I have to mix it with a mash for my horse to eat it which I have to pay extra for in a boarding facility.

It’s been working…

My colic-prone horse has been doing great on this product without (knock on wood) any problems so far. However, he seems to be spitting it out lately, especially when I give him the two full scoops as instructed. Any advice about making it more palatable?

Hi Jacqueline,

Thank you for your review! If your horse won’t eat MagnaGard, you can try mixing it in the feed with a good amount of water. You can also try adding some flavoring (apple sauce or aloe vera juice usually work well).

My horses love these!

We purchased the Mineral Salt Licks and our horses love them! Highly recommend!

Great for FFWS

Tried this product on a horse that has FFWS. Thinking I would try yet another product ( with no results) to my surprise it has made huge, HUGE improvements. No more fecal soaked tail and legs. I am truly amazed by this. Plus he has no problem eating it in his grain. No more cleaning his tail and legs constantly. Thank you for this great product!!

Just didn't work out

I was not impressed by this product I didn't see any change in my horses attitude or anything else. I fed everyday on the dot.

Calms the Dragon

My mare Is used to being worked six days a week and suddenly needed some rehab which entails hand walking and then walking while riding 30 minutes. I was wondering how she was going to tolerate this. She also has ulcers which has been treated but wanted to keep those at bay. I’ve never seen her happier and more calm. She’s not dull but just happy and could probably do pony rides. Love this product Magnagard!!