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MagnaGard Pre-Performance Calming Paste

MagnaGard Pre-Performance Calming Paste

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  • Calms stressed horses
  • Soothes gastric discomfort
  • Provides vital electrolytes
  • All natural ingredients
  • Perfect to use before trailering, showing, or other stressful situations

MagnaGard Pre-Performance Paste is perfect for use before trailering, competing, riding, or when your horse has minor digestive issues/colic.

The Paste contains natural ingredients and provides many essential trace minerals including calcium and magnesium. The paste also contains peppermint essential oil, which has natural properties that help relieve digestive issues.

Excellent source of Magnesium and other important trace minerals. Magnesium is a natural calmer and helps reduce stress in horses.

Provides vital electrolytes that are crucial to ensure your horse's muscles are functioning at optimum levels. Calcium, sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium, and phosphate are all found in MagnaGard Pre-Performance Paste.

Customer Reviews (view more at bottom of page)

"My gelding has been suffering from ulcers off and in for years. This is the first over the counter paste that has made a difference! I give him the paste 1 1/2 hours before trailering, or practicing the barrel pattern and shockingly he was calm, level headed, and you could tell he wanted to work! It’s a great feeling when your animal is finally comfortable and wanting to do his job!" -Mariah

"I have a horse who gets ulcers very easily and has to be on medication whenever he travels, which is often since he’s a show horse. When he has MagnaGard Paste the morning before travel he seems much more relaxed and I can tell his stomach is soothed." -Kacie

"I have a couple of horses that act up for the farrier. I gave a tube of MagnaGard Paste about 1 hour prior to trimming. Horse was totally calm." -Barbara

Suggested use

Remove cap and place tip of syringe between the tongue and the side of the mouth. Press the plunger and squeeze the paste into the mouth.

Give 15-60 before trailering, competing, or before or during any stressful situation. The effects last about 12 hours. 

Dose: Full tube for most horses. Half tube for minis and foals.

Guaranteed Analysis

Calcium: 4.0-5.0%
Salt: 2.5-3.5%
Magnesium: 0.8%
Potassium: 0.7%
Sulphur: .08%
Phosphorus: .07%
Carbon: 2.1%
Iron: .39%
Manganese: .04%
Copper: .002%


Water, montmorillonite clay (bentonite), salt, peppermint essential oil

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long before the event or trailering should the paste be administered? 15-60 minutes is our recommendation. 
  • How long is it effective? The effects last about 12 hours.
  • Can I give MagnaGard Paste and MagnaGard powder together? Yes. However, our recommendation is that you give them at separate feedings or just skip the powder on days you administer the paste. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Jo Sorenson

It is great stuff calmed my horses stomach and intestinal issues way down

Kathy Bader

Love this product -will continue to use.

Kierstyn Coffey
Quick, Easy, and it WORKS!

I highly recommend this paste for everyone that has that one horse that you can’t seem to find the fix for! My girl was nervous, and hot at the gate until I started using the pre-performance calming paste! Since I started her on the paste she’s been more comfortable and calm. This stuff is magic!

Karen Elder
Magnaguard Paste

All I know is it works! My mare stays focused and content at competitions. Not dull at all but focused and happy! So appreciative of this product.

Elizabeth Siadous
It works!!

This paste seriously works! Better than perfect prep, smells better, they don't spit it back out at you and the effect seems better on their body